7 Router Features You Should be Using for Better Wi-Fi

7 Router Features you should be using for better Wi-Fi
7 Router Features you should be using for better Wi-Fi

If you think a router’s only job is to connect your world to the internet, then you might be missing out on a lot of fun. Undoubtedly the routers provide you the internet you want to access different parts of the world, but do you ever wonder what else tips and tricks could be done to have to obtain you to some better Wi-Fi that will make your life much more comfortable. Below, in this article, you can find the details about broadband only deals and 7 Router features you should be using for better Wi-Fi.

Ever wonder what happens when your Wi-Fi doesn’t work correctly, and you are home, doing some critical work, or having my time with your favorite series. Or do you even remember how life was before Wi-Fi? Surely it seems hard to live!

In this article, I am going to walk you through a list of functions you might want to try to experience the joy of better Wi-Fi, you can even refer to this guide if you are facing router login issues! Before we go further, one needs to understand what precisely a wireless router is and how its features work to get better Wi-Fi. Nowadays, wireless routers surely bring the internet to different devices, but today’s routers do so much more, just more than that! 

Understanding a wireless router in general terms, it is a device that provides access to the internet or a private computer network to your devices. Some routers come with many other functions like wired LAN (local area network), in a wireless-only LAN (WLAN), or a mixed wired/wireless network. We are here with the list of features a WiFi router has for one to take advantage of such capabilities to get the best Wi-Fi coverage. 

I am considering Configuring on a series note!

Most of the time we don’t even see what default settings are there, if you certainly stick to the default settings of your router, you’ll get the same functionality you have come to rely on. But when seriously considering configuring and spending some minutes on it, these advanced features could pay off in better benefits. These options may vary from vendor to vendor. One needs to be sure regarding the applications and hardware your router supports.

Network Prioritization to control traffic

What happens if you could easily ensure the faster speed of the internet for the applications you use most of the time? Routers come with different offerings like multimedia extensions and Quality of Services to support a few generations.

In a general sense, it’s the air traffic that allows direct traffic as required for the device one uses the most. For example, you use QoS Engine. You can prioritize the accessories you want to use among all the connected devices to your Wi-Fi, which would lead to control traffic to a particular device you are using.

Guest access

The advantage of guest access leads you to do things that have limited access. It’s up to you to allow guest access to your router or turn it off if you don’t need it to open at the moment. This would help you to shut people off from outside and not let them lift your bandwidth from under you. 

Mobile Management Apps

The router comes with a function to allow the use of mobile system monitoring apps to connect different channels, decrease the range of a signal, and monitor signal strength or other issues from any router, all on your mobile device.

USB Connectivity Expansion means shared printing

The concept of wireless printing is not new in the market, but with USB connectivity, it becomes standard. The manufactures give inbuilt support for printers when accessed via a supporting router. This ability becomes handy for users.

Parental Controls: Keeping the Kids Safe!

In a small business world, parental controls can be useful for explicitly managing the sites which should not be accessed. Parental supervision is not just for stopping the kids from visiting websites not made for them.

Different routers vendors come with varying levels of control, like ranging from granular blocking that leads to external sites. With the help of this function, it lays down an additional layer of security protection for your network. 


The last and the most common feature you could have is security. As it seems to be an essential feature, one could do and doesn’t require much attention as all encryption was not made equal. Hence, always keep the focus on the router’s security as you would not want your router to hijack!


Routers are available for different purposes like for people in cafes or storefront, workspaces, home users, gaming, and the list never stops. Having all these functions at our fingertips is indeed the best, but it’s just more than that!

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