Top 5 Best Apps for a Copywriter

plagiarism-checkingThe internet has spawned some interesting professions top among these being copywriting. With the stiff competition experienced online, website owners are in a race to deliver the best content to rank highly on search engine result pages (SERPs). According to the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), content marketing gets 3X more leads than paid search advertising.  This means copywriters are in high demand. This article “Top 5 Best Apps for a Copywriter” highlights the best apps for a copywriter and you should read on to find out how each can help you.

As a copywriter, your role is to create content that converts to boost sales for your clients. Now, a craftsman is only as good as the tool they use and for this reason, you need to leverage the best writing tools to deliver an outstanding copy.  If you want to excel as a copywriter, you need to identify ways to improve your writing which include using copywriting apps and visiting a homework help desk.


5 Best Apps for a Copywriter

1. The Hemingway App

If you love the written word, you most likely have an idea who Ernest Hemingway was.   The American short-story writer, journalist, renowned traveler and novelist had a way with words and it is no wonder one of the best copywriting apps boasts his name. The writer advocated for concise and direct sentences and this is exactly what the Hemingway App seeks to help copywriters to achieve.

Figure 1: Ernest Hemingway, the renowned writer who inspired the Hemingway editing App.

HemmingWay - Top 5 Best Apps for a Copywriter

It is an online tool which you can also download on your computer and it flags all areas which would do with improvements.  The app pinpoints too long sentences, passive voice, and phrases which you can change thus making your copy neater and readable. If you would like to emulate Hemingway with his short, punchy, simple language, it is time to start using this copywriting app.

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2. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO - Top 5 Best Apps for a Copywriter
Yoast SEO – Top 5 Best Apps for a Copywriter

There is no list of top copywriting apps which doesn’t include Yoast SEO and for many good reasons. This WordPress plugin helps your SEO campaign while at the same time improving readability of your text.   With this app, you will not only improve your copy’s SEO score but also optimize content for keywords.

This copywriting app will evaluate your content in terms of the target keywords and will recommend improvement benefits. With a holistic look at the keywords, inbound links, outbound links, images, alt image tags, and the headline, it makes your content better.

To get the best out of Yoast SEO, make sure you focus on the readability app to get alerts on passive voice and ease of reading the text. As a copywriter, you will find this app essential as it points you in the right direction when you want to write searchable content.

3. Grammarly

Grammarly - Top 5 Best Apps for a Copywriter
Grammarly – Top 5 Best Apps for a Copywriter

If you haven’t started using Grammarly for your content, it is time to try this amazing proofreading tool. It is one of the most effective tools for copy editing as it highlights grammatical errors, typos, and passive voice, awkward sentences. It is a fast and effective tool if you want to check through your written text quickly and you can easily download it online.

4. Copyscape

Copyscape is an online plagiarism checking software. Using Copyscape you can check whether your content is duplicate of any page on the web. It is very essential to use a plagiarism checker as google penalizes any duplicate content, hence you do not want to end up being considered as a Content Theif.


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Other Best Apps for a Copy Writer

  • Trello – Project management Application to manage your tasks
  • EvernoteKeeps your notes organized and Memos emos are synced so that they’re accessible anywhere
  • Scrivener – It is a Writing Tools for Copy Writers
  • Rhyme zone – Provides Rhyming words, Synonyms and Definitions similar to
  • Slick plan – A Flow Chart designing software
  • Wunderlist – Helps you to main your To-Do List

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