Enakku vaitha adimaigal movie review

                                 Enakku vaitha adimaigal movie review

Cast – jai, Pranitha subash, Anjali, kaali venkat, Naveen, karunakaran, rajendar

Genre – comedy

Director – mahendran rajamani

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Story line

Jai I the hero of the film he has three friends one is kaali and other is Naveen and the next is karunakaran. Jai got love failure. So he was very much depressed and he wants his friends to solve his love failure. But his friends don’t show interest in this so he was very  much depressed and decides to suicide but he wont. He decides to take revenge on that girl.

And whether he succeeds  in his mission on revenge or he reunites with that girl is the rest of the story

Enakku vaitha adimaigal movie review

From the title itself we can decide that it is a comedy based film. Jai playing the main role in this film. He was shown as a normal man like his role in raja rani. He plays an usual role nothing like that much  interested. There was one scene that  he was trying to  commit suicide we know he wont but that scene goes for a bit longer which makes us irritated.

Pranitha subash played an unusual role in this film. We cant decide it is a negative role or not. Despite her role she played her character good. One of the best character in this movie was kaali venkat. He comes as an auto driver in this movie. He played his role excellently as well as his comedy was also good

Karunakaran as usual plays an ordinary like his old films which dosn’t make much effect. Naveen a new introduction. He has some good talents and he played his role effectively. Thambi ramayah comes in certain scenes tries to give some punches equal to jai which is lovely to watch.

Another plus for the movie is motta rajendar. He is the villain of the movie. Eventhough a villain his jokes make audience laugh during sometimes. Santhanam plays a guest role in the movie. And appears in a scene even he utilized his role effectively. Sense of humour is high in this film. I prefer that this movie is watchable for teenagers and not a film for family.

This movie goes lengthy in first half and makes audience really bored. During the second half director tries to make audience laugh.

Overall on enakku vaitha adimaigal movie review this is neither a good movie nor a too bad movie. This film can be watched one time for rajendar, kalli venkat.



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