Telugu Films Releasing In March 2019

Telugu Movie Release in March 2019

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Actor Kalyan Ram has appeared in many films but his last four movies became a disaster in Telugu industry. However, from 118 Kalyan Ram has huge expectations to taste success on the big screens. In fact, the trailer of the film song s has created a buzz among the audience so there are some chances to achieve success. Nasser has played the role of the psychologist in the film. But is it all in his mind or is he truly feeling the distress of an unknown woman? Will he find that woman?  Will he overcome his problems? This forms the crux of the story. Click here for 118 Full Movie Download.

That is Mahalakshmi

That is Mahalakshmi is a Telugu Movie which is a remake of a Bollywood Movie Queen. This movie is directed by Prasanth Varma, whereas in the lead role in Tammannah. Tammannah is playing Mahalakshmi character who is on a solo honeymoon in Paris. All this happens when Mahalakshmi’s groom dumps her on her wedding day. To forget everything she plans to visit Paris alone and find herself. This movie will soon be available on legal streaming site. To know more about the movie availability check That is Mahalakshmi Full Movie Download.

Bilalpur Police Station

Bilalpur Police Station is an action drama Telugu Movie directed by Nagasai Mamak. Its a story about local village Bilapur and the police station. This movie is about how the Bilapur police help the villagers to get rid of the problems they are facing in their daily life. This movie manages to showcase the role of police and the common man. After the theater, the movie will soon release online. To know more about its availability, check Bilapur Police Station Full Movie Download.

Where is the Venkata Lakshmi

Where is the Venkata Lakshmi is a Horror Drama movie directed by Kishor Kumar. The initial part of the movie is a romantic, but everything changes when Lakshmi get possed by a ghost. The ghost looking for revenge on his afterlife. This gets everyone into a lot of trouble by unfolding the secret of everyone life.  This is an interesting movie and will be available online soon. To know more about its availability check Where is the Venkata Lakshmi Full Movie Download.


Udgharsha is about a murder mystery that takes place in a resort on New Year’s Day. A 10-minute incident has been turned into a full-length feature film. In fact, the film has only 20 minutes of dialogue, the rest of the film will contain shots, music, and effects. My film mostly runs on visual narration.  Characters will have dialogues only in necessary situations, says Sunil, who wants to get rid of the ‘hero-heroine focus’ concept. For me, every character is equally important, he adds. Click here for Udgharsha Full Movie Download

Cheddi Gang

The film’s story is about 10 employees of the software company sends the company to DMDK Kerala Tour. In the forests of Kerala, they are enjoyable. The 10 people who went to the forests of the Cauvery were trapped by the breach. In the end, they got out of the film. The film is a suspense thriller and the film enthralls the audience. The highlight of the climax film in Malaysia is highlighted. Click here for Cheddi Gang Full Movie Download.

Puli Joodam

It is an upcoming Telugu film featuring the actors Mohanlal, Srikanth, Vishal, Raashi, Hansika in the lead roles. The makers of Mohanlal’s ‘Villain’ film have named the Telugu dubbed version of Villain as ‘Puli Joodham’. The makers have also released the first look poster featuring Mohanlal along with Vishal, Hansika, Srikanth, and Raashi Khanna. Click here for Puli Joodam Full Movie Download

Evvarikee Cheppoddu

Evvarikee Cheppoddu is a Telugu movie starring Rakesh Varre and Gargeyi Yellapragada in prominent roles. It is a drama directed by Basava Shanker. The movie showcases the lead actor Rakesh Varre plays the role of a soft-spoken youngster who fears his mother likes the domination of his quirky girlfriend. Later, lead actress Gargeyi Yellapragada and Rakesh Varre falls in love and they want to marry. Click here for Evvarikee Cheppoddu Full Movie Download

Vinara Sodara Veera Kumara

Vinara Sodara Veera Kumara is a Telugu movie starring Sreenivas Sai and Priyanka Jain in prominent roles. It is a drama directed by Sateesh Chandra Nadella with Shravan Bharadwaj as a musician, forming part of the crew. Also, the movie features Sulochana (Priyanka Jain) with whom Ramana falls in love with. As Sulochana’s brother gets to know about their relationship he brutally hits Ramana. Click here for Vinara Sodara Veera Kumara Full Movie Download

Chikati Gadilo Chithakotudu

Chikati Gadilo Chithakotudu is a 2019 Telugu Movie adult horror comedy-drama movie directed by Santosh P Jayakumar. Also, the movie showcases Adith, Nikki Tamboli, Bhagyashree Mote and Posani Krishna Murali in the lead role. Chikati Gadilo Chithakotuduis a story about young couples who accidentally choose a haunted house for a trip. In fact, everything works fine for a couple of days until the paranormal activity starts. Click here for Chikati Gadilo Chithakotudu Full Movie Download

Arjun Suravaram

Nikhil Siddharth’s action entertainer Arjun Suravaram has been directed by TN Santosh. Admittedly inspired by a true event, Arjun Suravaram casts Nikhil as a journalist. Also, it touches upon a Social Point in th e movie.  Lavanya Tripathi is the heroine. Music is by Sam CS.  Suryaa is the cinematographer.  Arjun Suravaram is Produced by Kaviya Venugopal and Rajukumar of Auraa Cinemas PVT and Movie Dynamix LLP, it has art direction by Sahi Suresh.  Click here for Arjun Suravaram Full Movie Download

Lakshmis NTR

Lakshmis NTR is a Telugu film based on the life of former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh N T Rama Rao, who was a legendary actor and leader with an unparalleled following. It chronicles the crucial events in NTR’s life after he meets Telugu research scholar Veeragandham Lakshmi Parvathi, from his struggles as a widower to his remarriage to the division of his political party. Click here for Lakshmis NTR Full Movie Download


Viswasam begins with the introduction of Thookudurai, the bigwig of Koduvilarpatti, who leads a lonely life. Cut to the flashback, Doctor Niranjana comes to Thookudurai’s village for a medical camp, and though she initially hates his atrocious acts, slowly falls for his character and they get married. However, as his violent ways trouble their daughter, the couple split. Click here for Viswasam Full Movie Download


Suryakantham is completely centered around Niharika and she does a good job in a tailor-made role. Initially, she starts off as a chirpy girl who is full of life and this part was nicely portrayed by the young heroine. But Niharika shows her talent in the second half when she is supposed to showcase jealousy, heartbreak. She had some difficult scenes to perform and Niharika pulled them off with ease. Click here for Suryakantham Full Movie Download


Bengali Movies Releasing In March 2019

Mukherjee Dar Bou

Here you will find the list of Bengali movies that are released in March 2019.

The Hacker

The Hacker is a Bengali Movie Thriller about a group of Hackers who hacks the entire system of Kolkata. This movie is Directed by Subroto Mondal and Siddhartha Sen. The entire movie revolves around to find the hackers who have hacked the bank account and social profile of all the people in Kolkata. The thrill starts when everything that is digital is controlled by these groups of hackers. The movies take the turn when  Kabir Ali a RAW agent starts to investigate the issue. Click here for  The Hacker Full Movie Download.

Shankar Mudi

Shankar Mudi is a Drama Bengali movie Directed by Aniket Chattopadhyay. The movie showcases how the local shopkeeper face issue when a big shopping mall comes near to them. This has now become a common problem for everyone. This movie is a journey of local vendor fighting the business class malls. This is a worthy match movie and will be available soon. To know more about its availability check Shankar Mudi Full Movie Download

Mon Jaane Na

Mon Jaane Na is a romantic tragedy Bengali movie directed by Shagufta Rafique. Whereas in the lead role is Yash Dasgupta and Mimi Chakraborty. This movie is about a taxi driver Amir (Yash) who chooses the wrong path to make good money. This leads his family into a lot of trouble. Now, he is fighting with the crime world to get out of it. If you are looking for the movie availability, check Mon Jaane Na Full Movie Download

Mukherjee Dar Bou

Mukherjee Dar Bou is a story based on a modern dysfunctional family revolving around the complex and intricate yet caring relationship of a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. The story revolves around a Bengali homemaker whose name is not known till the end of the film, and who is mostly referred to as Mukherjee Dar Bou. Mukherjee Dar Bou is married for more than ten years and has a daughter of six years old. Click here for Mukherjee Dar Bou Full Movie Download

Marathi Movies Releasing In March 2019

Marathi Movie Released in March

A lot of Marathi movies releases every week. Whereas, it becomes really tough to keep track of all the movies. Below in this article, you will find the list of Marathi Movies released in March 2019.

Dokyala Shot

Marathi movie,  Dokyala Shot is a comedy movie about a man named Abhi. One day while playing cricket Abhi loses his memory. The best part is that Abhi is about to get married to the girl he loved and now everyone’s waiting for his memory to come back. During this, a lot of things happens which is quite funny to watch. Click here for  Dokyala Shot Full Movie Download.


Ashi Hi Ashiqui

Ashi Hi Ashiqui is a Marathi Romantic movie about Swayam and Amraja. The movie is directed by Sachin Pilgaonkar and the movie is about two friends Swayam and Amaraja. Swayam starts getting attracted towards Amarja. One day when he expresses his love, Amarja does not respond as she is going through a lot of issues. This is about how Swayam convinces her to be his better half.  Click here for Ashiqui Full Movie Download.


Perfume is a Marathi movie that has a unique love story. This movie is directed by Karan Tandale, and it is a story about a boy who have a small perfume factory at his home and a girl he meets during college exhibition. Monalisa Bagal and Omkar Dixit are playing the lead role in this movie. The romantic scene takes place when Omkar visits Monalisa’s college to sell his perfume. But later when her uncle gets to know about their love he refuses. Now they are on a journey to fight with everyone and prove their love. Click here for Perfume Full Movie Download.

Chatrapati Shasan

Chatrapati Shasan is a Marathi Drama movie showcasing life if a Politician and a teacher. Both of them follow Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and his principle. The teacher is on a journey to teach everyone about Shivaji Maharaj, whereas the Politician uses Shivaji Maharaj name for his benefit. Moreover, the movie focuses on using Shivaji Maharaj’s inspirational journey for the betterment of mankind. This is really an interesting movie to watch. This movie will soon be available online and to know more about its availability check Chatrapati Shasan Full Movie Download.


Saavat is a 2019 Marathi Movie thriller movie which has directed by Saurabh Sinha. The film exhibits one town where in seven years seven suicides occurred in storm season. Be that as it may, the general population who endeavored suicides has seen somebody who should be there. Click here for Saavat Full Movie Download

Sur Sapata

Sur Sapata is a 2019 Marathi Movie sports comedy-drama film which has directed by Mangesh Kanthale. The film is about young boys who are poor in studies but they have enough skills for playing KABADDI. But, their parents and their teachers are against them. Later, they took this as a challenge and starts their journey. Afterward, the enraged boys went out of the box after facing hardship in their lives. As a result, after their tough time, they participate in Shamro Salvi Inter-school Kabaddi championship. Click here for Sur Sapata Full Movie Download

Kannada Movies Releasing In March 2019

Yajamana Box Office Collection

In March a lot of Kannada movie has released. Hence we will see the list of all Kannada movies that was released in March 2019.


Yajmana is an action drama Kannada movie about a businessman from a small village.  Darshan, Rashmika Mandanna and Tanya Hope are playing the read role in the movie. Whereas, V. Harikrishna is the director of the movie. Darshan’s is playing a villagers role, who get issues with Devi Shetty a successful businessman making Darshin’s business of his own. To get his pride and business back, Darshan now has to fight with Devi.  Click here for  Yajamana Full Movie Download.


Kavaludaari is a Kannada movie featuring Anant Nag, Rishi and Suman Ranganathan in the lead roles. Whereas the movie is directed by Hemant Rao and is a suspense Kannada movie. The story of this movie is about a Police officer Muthanna (Anant) who plans to reopen a case, which turns his life upside down. This movie has a mysterious story and is a worth watching movie. Click here for  Kavaludaari Full Movie Download.


Butterfly is a Kannada Movie directed by Roberto Nascimento. In the lead role, it features Parul Yadav and is a story about a girl who visits London along for her honeymoon. This movie is inspired by a Bollywood Movie Queen featuring Kangana Rawat. Butterfly is  Parul journey to find herself. This movie will soon be available on streaming sites and to know more about it check, Butterfly Full Movie Download.

Badri v/s Madhumathi

Badri v/s Madhumathi is a Kannada movie directed by Shankar Narayana Reddy. Whereas the movie revolves around the lead role, Akanksha Gandhi and Aravind Bolar. This movie is Badri’s fight for his love. Badri is shown as a Military man who falls in love with Madhumathi. When he was about to express his love to Madhumathi he gets a call for stop the Surgical Strike. This movie is a perfect blend of action and romance. The movie will soon be available online legally and to know more about it check Badri v/s Madhumathi  Full Movie Download.

Naanu Nammudgi Kharchgond Mafia

Naanu Nammudgi Kharchgond Mafia is a Kannada movie highlighting the recent rape scenes and the Mafia of India. This movie showcases the story of a Mafia who kidnaps girls and kills them. Naanu Nammudgi Kharchgond Mafia movie also highlights how technology has become one major source of Crime. This movie shows the way to fight against the crime in India. Naanu Nammudgi Kharchgond Mafia is inspirational and will be available online soon. To know more about its availability check Naanu Nammudgi Kharchgond Mafia Full Movie Download.

Face 2 Face

Face 2 Face is a Kannada thriller romantic movie directed by Sandeep Janardan. The story of this movie is about 3 characters Santosh, Sneha, and Preethi. Due to one incident, their life changes and get them into a lot of trouble. Its a journey of Santosh fighting with the society to get her love back. This movie might soon be available online legally and to know more about its availability check Face 2 Face Full Movie Download.


Girgitle is a Kannada Drama movie about a man who is fighting against the con-man. This movie is about 3 friends who keep on bugging people. Apart from this the movie also have romantic and action scenes. To know more about the movie availability check Girgitle Full Movie Download.

DK Bose

DK Bose is a 2019 Kannada movie which is a Love story drama movie. This movie is about a local gangster known to gamble for duplicate diamonds. Everything was fine in DK’s life until he falls in love, but that does not work for a long time. This movie showcase the story about 3 friends involved in an equal partnership in crime. During one of his fake deals, they come into huge trouble that changes their life. Also, to know more about the movie availability check DK Bose Full Movie Download.

Adachanegaagi Kshamisi

Adachanegaagi Kshamisi is a horror Kanna movie directed by S.Bharat Navunda, starring  Pradeep Varma and Suresh Heblikar in the lead roles. This is a pure horror about a couple of people visiting a villa and gets killed one after the another. To know more about the movie and its availability, click on Adachanegaagi Kshamisi Full Movie Download.


Chanaksha is an action drama Kannada movie about a boy named Shiva Rudraiah who is known as a problem solver. Even being good to everyone he faces a lot of issues. Later the twist in the come comes when everyone gets to know that Shiva was there to take revenge on the person who has killed his father. This is an interesting movie and will be available online after a few months of its release. To know about the movies availability check Chanaksha Full Movie Download.

Ravi History

Ravi History is an Indian Kannada drama, thriller movie released in March 2019. Ravi History is written and directed by Madhu Chandra. This movie is produced by Karthik Chandra under Karnatik Films banner. The music is composed by Vijeth Krishna and Suraj Sraja, Cinematography is handled by Ananth Urs and Abdul Kareem is the Editor of this movie. Ravi History Starring Karthik Chandra, Pallavi Raju and Aishwarya Rao in lead roles. Click here for Ravi History Full Movie Download

D/O Parvathamma

Daughter Of Parvathamma is a Kannada Crime, Thriller Movie Directed by Shankar J. The Movie stars Haripriya, Sumalatha, Suraj Gowda in the lead roles. The movie is produced by KM Shashidhar. Music is composed by Midhun Mukundan. N. Haripriya plays the role of an Investigating Officer named Vaidehi. Click here for D/O Parvathamma Full Movie Download

Londonalli Lambodhara

Londonalli Lambodhara is an Indian Kannada Romantic Comedy entertainer movie written and directed by Raj Surya. This movie is produced by B.Sudarshan. Pranav N Iyengar has composed music for this movie. Santhu and Bigg Boss fame Shruti Prakash are playing the main lead roles and Achyuth Kumar, Sadhu Kokila. Click here for Londonalli Lambodhara Full Movie Download


Panchatantra is a romantic drama directed by Yograj Bhat and produced by Yograj Cinemas. The movie stars debutant Vihan Gowda, Akshara Gowda and Sonal Monteiro in the lead roles. Panchatantra revolves around two rival groups which are a group of youngsters and old people respectively, who ridicule to insult each other in any time and anywhere. Click here for Panchatantra Full Movie Download


Tamil Romantic Movies – The Best Movies Of All Time

Tamil movie is a booming industry in the market and it has entertained us with some splendid movies. Every movie contains action, romance, and drama scenes. This industry is growing day-by-day and it has a huge number of fan followers. Tamil Movies is known for Action and apart from that for Romantic movies. Known for Romantic movies, here are top Tamil Romantic movies.Also, Read

Top Tamil Romantic Movies of all time

  1. Alaipayuthey

Alaipayuthey is one of the most popular Tamil romantic drama movies which released on 14th April 2000. The movie is directed and produced by Mani Ratnam. Alaipayuthey features R Madhavan and Shalini in the main roles. The movie running time is 157 minutes and it contains romantic and drama. The budget of this movie is 5 Cr and it has successfully raked 10Cr of business on the Box Office Collection.Alaipayuthey achieved moderate hit on the Box office collection as the expectation was high. However, it has made a double business compared to the budget, which makes it a super successful movie. The movie has earned 8.3 ratings out of 10 in IMDB.
  1. Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa

Vinnaithaandi Varyvaayaa a Tamil romantic movie which released on 26th February 2010. The movie directed by Gautham Menon and the producers are P. Madan, VTV Ganesh, Elred Kumar, and Jayaraman. The movie features Silambarasan and Trisha in the lead roles. The running time of the movie is 167 minutes and this movie has collected average revenue at the Box Office Collection.The budget of the movie was around 25Cr and the movie raked the revenue of 23 Cr. The romantic drama movie didn’t perform well on the big screens, but still loved by the audience. The movie has earned 8 ratings out of 10 in IMDB.
  1. 7/G Rainbow Colony

7G Rainbow Colony a Tamil Romantic movie released on 15th October 2004. The movie directed by Selvaraghavan and produced by A.M.Rathnam. 7G Rainbow Colony features Ravi Krishna, Sonia Agarwal, and Suman Shetty in the lead roles. The running time of the movie is 185 min and it has been displayed on 92 screens.The budget of the movie is 3Cr and in turn, the movie made 10Cr on the Box Office Collection. 7G Rainbow Colony performed well on the big screens and the audience loved the movie. The movie successfully earned 7.8 ratings out of 10. It has generated double money comparing to the costing of the movie.
  1. Minnale

Minnale is a Tamil romantic movie which released on 18th February 2001. The film was written and directed by Gautham Vasudev Menon. The movie features R Madhavan and Reema Senin in the lead roles with Vivek and Nagesh also appearing in the movie. The running time of the movie is 171 minutes which contains romance and drama. The budget of the movie is 7.3 Cr and it has successfully raked 20 Cr on the Box Office Collection.The romantic movie marketed as Valentine’s Day release. Minnale was superhit on the big screens. Nevertheless, it has achieved positive reviews from critics and enjoyed profitable success.
  1. Angadi Theru

Angadi Theru a Tamil Romantics movie, directed by Vasanthabalan and produced by K Karunamoorthy. The film released on 26 March 2010 and features Mahesh, Anjali in the lead role with A Venkatesh and Pandi also appearing in this movie. Angadi Theru running time is 157minutes and the budget for the movie is 10 Crore. The movie performed well on and made 18 crores on the Box Office Collection.Angadi Theru shortlisted for Indian Submission for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. Unfortunately, it lost because of  Bollywood movie Peepli live. The movie also released in Telugu as Shopping Mall. The movie got 7.6 ratings out of 10.
  1. Kandukondain Kandukondain

Kandukondain Kandukondain is a Tamil Romantic movie released on 5th May 2000. The movie directed by Rajiv Menon and produced by Kalaipuli Thanu. Kandukondain Kandukondain features Mammootty, Ajith Kumar, Tabu, Aishwarya Rai, and Abbas in the lead roles. The movie running time is 157 minutes and displays romance and drama. Kandukondain Kandukondain is based on Jane Austen’s novel Sense and Sensibility.The budget of the movie is 4 crore and it has generated good revenue at the Box Office Collection. After several delays, the film released on Indian screens. However, the film went on a feature in International film festivals and gained awards for it.  The super hit film gained positive reviews from the public. The movie earned 7.6 ratings out of 10 in IMDB.
  1. Rhythm

Rhythm romantic Tamil movies which released on 15th September 2000. The movie written and directed by Vasanth and produced by V. Natrajan. The film stars Arjun and Meena in the lead roles with Lakshmi, Nagesh, and Manivannan in supporting roles. The running time of the film is 143 minutes and it is pure entertainment.The film highly received positive reviews from critics and did perform well on the big screens. The movie in the making for four years and it got success on the big screens. Although, the film dubbed in the Telugu language under the same title in the same year. The movie earned 7.5 ratings out of 10 in IMDB.
  1. Kushi

Kushi a Tamil Romantic movie released on 19th May 2000. The film directed by S.J.Surya and produced by A.M. Rathnam. The film featured Vijay and Jyothika in the lead roles. However, Kushi remade in Bollywood and Telugu, whereas in Kannada as Eno Onthara. The running time of the movie is 170 minutes and it contains romance and drama.The film Kushi raked 25 crores on the Box Office Collection, as people loved the movie.  Kushi earned 7.4 rating out of 10 in IMDB.
  1. Mynaa

Mynaa is a Tamil romantic movie released on 5th November 2010. The movie is directed by Prabhu Solomon and produced by John Max. The film features Vidharth and Amala Paul in the lead roles. The movie displays romance, drama, and action. The running time of the movie is 146 minutes. Mynaa released during Diwali and had gained huge footfalls.Mynaa got so popular that it got released in multiple languages with different names. The movie was dubbed in the Telugu language as Prem Khaidi, in Kannada as Shyloo, and in Bengali as Pora Mon. The movie super hit on the Box Office Collection. The only fil was competing with Mynaa was Charminar. The movie earned 7.3 ratings out of 10 in IMDB.
  1. Kadhalan

Kadhalan is one of the oldest Tamil romantic movie released on 17th September 1994. The movie features Prabhu Deva, Nagma in the lead roles. Apart from Prabhu Deva, we see  Raghuvaran, Girish Karnad, and Vadivelu playing other pivotal roles.After getting recognized in the Bollywood Industry, Kadhalan was remade in as ‘Humse Hai Muqabla’ and in Telugu as ‘Premikudu’. The movie was made in the budget of 5 crores and in turn, it made 20 crores on the Box Office Collection, which is a huge success.Kadhalan received a positive critic review and also performed well at the Box Office. The running time of the film is 170 minutes, it contains romance, drama, and thriller. The movie earned 7.2 ratings out of 10 in IMDB.]]>