How To Make Money With Dream11 App – Know Dream11 Hack, Tips & Tricks

Make Money With Dream11

The IPL season has already started and people might be busy making money with their Dream11 app. In fact, you can transfer all the money you earn directly in your bank account. But what if we tell you that you can make money With Dream11 App. To make money with Dream11, you need to know some basic tips and tricks. Here in this article, we are going to teach you Dream11 tricks to make money. So, if you are interested in making money with the Dream 11 app, then keep reading this article.

Make Money With Dream11 -Referral Code

This is one of the best and easy ways to make money using Dream11. Once you have downloaded the app, you will need to register your phone number with the app. As soon as you have done registering, you will get free Rs. 100 on your Dream11 Account. Then, you will be asked to complete your profile, through with you could easily make around Rs 250.

Once, this is done, you can now share the Dream11 app with your friends through Whatsapp or any messaging apps. If your friends download the app and complete the registration, you will get another 100 Rs on your Dream 11 App. The more friends will register in Dream 11 with your reference, the more money you will get.

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Make Money With Dream11 – Participate In Contests

This is one of the biggest opportunities by Dream11 tips and tricks to make a lot of money. But, you need to make sure that there are thousands of participants all over India participating in the contest. As the prize money is too high, we see a lot of participants in the contest. Let’s find how you can make money with Dream11 Contest.

  • Do not select Cricket. As there are a lot of good online cricket players in Dream11, your possibility to win decreases. Hence, we suggest you participate in Kabbadi, Football Teams or other contest.
  • Once you select the game, you will have to make a team with 100 credits (remember this is not RS).
  • Once you have created a team, you can now join any game to win.

The best part is that you have a lot of options to select in Contest. Check below types of contest you can participate in.

Dream11 Mega Contest

As the name, Mega Contest means big prize money. Every month you will have one Mega Contest you can participate. Also, 40% of the participant wins some money from Mega Contest. The Price money for Mega Contest is around 1 Cr to 2Cr, which is distributed among all the winners. Hence, make sure that you come on top rank to win more money through Mega Contest.

Dream11 Hot Contest

Hot Contest is similar to Mega Contest but has lesser price money. This also come once in a month, but have lesser participation cost. If a Mega Contest is of 2Cr, then Dream11 Hot Contest will be of 1Cr.

Dream11 Head to Head Contests

This is one of the best, a contest for those who think they are the best in the game. You can challenge any player using Dream11 for a head to head match. The only drawback is that it has a huge entry fee, but also you will earn double for what you pay for.

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