Jersey Movie Cast & Crew, First Look Poster, and Release Date Details

Jersey Movie

Jersey is a Bollywood remake of the Telugu movie of the same name. Shahid Kapoor plays the lead role in the Hindi version. The film will be directed by Gautam Thinnanuri, who directed the original Telugu version. The jersey was produced by Allu Entertainments, Dil Raju Productions, Sithara Entertainments, Dil Raju, Suryadevara Nagavanshi, and Aman Gill under the banner of Brath Films.

First Look Poster Details:

In the ‘Jersey’ poster, Shahid Kapoor appeared in an incarnation he had never seen before. Set against the backdrop of India’s favorite sport, cricket, the ‘Jersey’ underdog spotlights the story and celebrates the human spirit. Shahid Kapoor fans were also happy with his film and congratulated him.

Movie Story Line:

Jersey revolves around a talented yet failed cricketer who decides to revive his career to fulfill his son’s desire for a jersey. Shahid Kapoor trained hard and tough to get into a cricketer skin for a jersey.

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Trailer Details:

The trailer begins with an unemployed, former cricketer trying to fulfill his son’s dream of buying a jersey. He tried to lend some money to his wife but she refused. He goes door to door and tries to make arrangements for the money, but eventually tries to steal the money from his wife’s wallet.

In the midst of all this, he is offered the job of assistant coach of the cricket team, but he seems to be hesitant. The trailer gives an overview of his life as a cricketer and the things that led him to leave the game. The trailer gets 63million views on Youtube.

Release Date Details:

The film has postponed several times due to Covid situations in India. Jersy movie team plans to release the movie in March 2022. Exat movie date has not revealed. Once filmmakers announce we are updating it here.

Dil Raju Productions Tweets On Twitter About Jesy  Movie Trailer:

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