Kannada Movies Releasing In March 2019

Yajamana Box Office Collection

In March a lot of Kannada movie has released. Hence we will see the list of all Kannada Movies Released In March 2019.

Kannada Movies Released In March 2019


Yajmana is an action drama Kannada movie about a businessman from a small village.  Darshan, Rashmika Mandanna and Tanya Hope are playing the read role in the movie. Whereas, V. Harikrishna is the director of the movie. Darshan’s is playing a villagers role, who get issues with Devi Shetty a successful businessman making Darshin’s business of his own. To get his pride and business back, Darshan now has to fight with Devi.  Click here for  Yajamana Full Movie Download.


Kavaludaari is a Kannada movie featuring Anant Nag, Rishi and Suman Ranganathan in the lead roles. Whereas the movie is directed by Hemant Rao and is a suspense Kannada movie. The story of this movie is about a Police officer Muthanna (Anant) who plans to reopen a case, which turns his life upside down. This movie has a mysterious story and is a worth watching movie. Click here for  Kavaludaari Full Movie Download.


Butterfly is a Kannada Movie directed by Roberto Nascimento. In the lead role, it features Parul Yadav and is a story about a girl who visits London along for her honeymoon. This movie is inspired by a Bollywood Movie Queen featuring Kangana Rawat. Butterfly is  Parul journey to find herself. This movie will soon be available on streaming sites and to know more about it check, Butterfly Full Movie Download.

Badri v/s Madhumathi

Badri v/s Madhumathi is a Kannada movie directed by Shankar Narayana Reddy. Whereas the movie revolves around the lead role, Akanksha Gandhi and Aravind Bolar. This movie is Badri’s fight for his love. Badri is shown as a Military man who falls in love with Madhumathi. When he was about to express his love to Madhumathi he gets a call for stop the Surgical Strike. This movie is a perfect blend of action and romance. The movie will soon be available online legally and to know more about it check Badri v/s Madhumathi  Full Movie Download.

Naanu Nammudgi Kharchgond Mafia

Naanu Nammudgi Kharchgond Mafia is a Kannada movie highlighting the recent rape scenes and the Mafia of India. This movie showcases the story of a Mafia who kidnaps girls and kills them. Naanu Nammudgi Kharchgond Mafia movie also highlights how technology has become one major source of Crime. This movie shows the way to fight against the crime in India. Naanu Nammudgi Kharchgond Mafia is inspirational and will be available online soon. To know more about its availability check Naanu Nammudgi Kharchgond Mafia Full Movie Download.

Face 2 Face

Face 2 Face is a Kannada thriller romantic movie directed by Sandeep Janardan. The story of this movie is about 3 characters Santosh, Sneha, and Preethi. Due to one incident, their life changes and get them into a lot of trouble. Its a journey of Santosh fighting with the society to get her love back. This movie might soon be available online legally and to know more about its availability check Face 2 Face Full Movie Download.


Girgitle is a Kannada Drama movie about a man who is fighting against the con-man. This movie is about 3 friends who keep on bugging people. Apart from this the movie also have romantic and action scenes. To know more about the movie availability check Girgitle Full Movie Download.

DK Bose

DK Bose is a 2019 Kannada movie which is a Love story drama movie. This movie is about a local gangster known to gamble for duplicate diamonds. Everything was fine in DK’s life until he falls in love, but that does not work for a long time. This movie showcase the story about 3 friends involved in an equal partnership in crime. During one of his fake deals, they come into huge trouble that changes their life. Also, to know more about the movie availability check DK Bose Full Movie Download.

Adachanegaagi Kshamisi

Adachanegaagi Kshamisi is a horror Kanna movie directed by S.Bharat Navunda, starring  Pradeep Varma and Suresh Heblikar in the lead roles. This is a pure horror about a couple of people visiting a villa and gets killed one after the another. To know more about the movie and its availability, click on Adachanegaagi Kshamisi Full Movie Download.


Chanaksha is an action drama Kannada movie about a boy named Shiva Rudraiah who is known as a problem solver. Even being good to everyone he faces a lot of issues. Later the twist in the come comes when everyone gets to know that Shiva was there to take revenge on the person who has killed his father. This is an interesting movie and will be available online after a few months of its release. To know about the movies availability check Chanaksha Full Movie Download.

Ravi History

Ravi History is an Indian Kannada drama, thriller movie released in March 2019. Ravi History is written and directed by Madhu Chandra. This movie is produced by Karthik Chandra under Karnatik Films banner. The music is composed by Vijeth Krishna and Suraj Sraja, Cinematography is handled by Ananth Urs and Abdul Kareem is the Editor of this movie. Ravi History Starring Karthik Chandra, Pallavi Raju and Aishwarya Rao in lead roles. Click here for Ravi History Full Movie Download

D/O Parvathamma

Daughter Of Parvathamma is a Kannada Crime, Thriller Movie Directed by Shankar J. The Movie stars Haripriya, Sumalatha, Suraj Gowda in the lead roles. The movie is produced by KM Shashidhar. Music is composed by Midhun Mukundan. N. Haripriya plays the role of an Investigating Officer named Vaidehi. Click here for D/O Parvathamma Full Movie Download

Londonalli Lambodhara

Londonalli Lambodhara is an Indian Kannada Romantic Comedy entertainer movie written and directed by Raj Surya. This movie is produced by B.Sudarshan. Pranav N Iyengar has composed music for this movie. Santhu and Bigg Boss fame Shruti Prakash are playing the main lead roles and Achyuth Kumar, Sadhu Kokila. Click here for Londonalli Lambodhara Full Movie Download


Panchatantra is a romantic drama directed by Yograj Bhat and produced by Yograj Cinemas. The movie stars debutant Vihan Gowda, Akshara Gowda and Sonal Monteiro in the lead roles. Panchatantra revolves around two rival groups which are a group of youngsters and old people respectively, who ridicule to insult each other in any time and anywhere. Click here for Panchatantra Full Movie Download


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