KGF vs 2.0 Box Office Collections

KGF vs 2.0
KGF vs 2.0

Two big movies from the South that is KGF and 2.0 has really got everyone’s attention. KGF is a great Action pack movie, whereas 2.0 was a Sci-Fi Indian movie. People have been talking about the bot the movies and its performance sometimes comparing their Box Office Success and also Yash’s Performance versus Rajani’s Performance. In this post, we are going to see KGF vs 2.0 Box Office Collections find How Yash’s KGF has performed compared Rajani 2.0 Box Office.

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KGF versus 2.0 Facts

Comparing 2.0 with KGF, the budget the movie was made and the number of screens the movie got released is too high. This brings us to notice that KGF Box Office Collection will definitely have an effect on it.

2.0 was released in more than 6900 screens, whereas KFG is released in just 2600 screens. One major benefit that 2.0 has is that it was released in 15 different languages, whereas KGF is released in just 5.

ItemKGFRobo 2.0
Director Prashanth NeelS. Shankar
Original IndustryKannadaKollywood
Budget80 Cr543 Cr
Release Date21-December-201829 November 2018
Total Screens2600 6900
Release LanguagesKannadaHindiTamil,
Telugu, Malayalam
Tamil, Telugu, Hindi
IMDB Rating9.1/107.2/10
Rotten Tomatoes Rating8.8/106.3/10

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KGF vs 2.0 Box Office Collection Day wise

There is a huge difference in the box office collection for KGF and 2.0. The only reason was the screen count. Apart from that, KGF also had a huge Competition from Maari 2 and Zero. It is pretty much clear that 2.0 is a very big movie compared to KGF, you take the screen count or the marketing type or any Star Cast and the Crew. But the Ratings are good for KGF, it may not be able to collect as much as 2.0 has done. But looking at the Budgets of both the movies, we can say that KGF is going to be a huge commercial success.

1st Day30 Cr117 Cr87 Cr
2nd Day27 Cr73.60 Cr46.60
3rd Day29.3 Cr91.28 Cr61.98 Cr
4th Day25.4 Cr123.37 Cr97.97 Cr
5th Day22.5 Cr46.52 Cr24.02 Cr
6th Day18 Cr40.15 Cr22.15 Cr
7th Day10 Cr34.7 Cr24.7 Cr
8th Day5 Cr27.31 Cr22.31 Cr
9th Day4 Cr32.87 Cr28.87 Cr
10th Day7 Cr36.45 Cr29.45 Cr


Yash vs Rajanikanth

It is quite silly to compare Rajani versus Yash or as a matter of fact, Rajani with anybody else. But for the interest of the Audience, we try to cover some points here.

Popularity and Fame

We all know Rajanikanth, the world knows Rajanikanth, He is the biggest superstar in Indian Film Industry.

With this movie, Yash is going to be popular and familiar to Audience across India as this movie is released in 5 different languages. It is a good platform for Yash to build upon.

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Performance in this movie

Rajinikanth’s performance, as usual, is unequaled and breath talking in 2.0. The Movie is completely driven by his performance along with Akshay Kumar.

Yash’s performance in KGF is outstanding, he is the face of this movie across India and it is for sure that he will go miles in Indian Cinema with great performances like this.

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