Male Sexual Disfunction Treatment Options with No Side Effects

Male Sexual Disfunction Treatment Options with No Side Effects
Male Sexual Disfunction Treatment Options with No Side Effects

Erectile dysfunctions are common amongst all men. Sometimes it is the life we live that leads to erectile problems and sometimes it’s just the fact that we’re getting older and things don’t work as they sued to do. However, we live in a day and age where we have so many options for helping ourselves with this problem. There are countless drugs that are sold over the counter or which can be prescribed by your doctor for treating erectile dysfunction. Alimentary and vitamin supplements or famous pills such as Viagra, Adcrica, Cialis or Staxyn are all proven very efficient in reestablishing sexual confidence in men. below in this article, we will cover the Male Sexual Disfunction Treatment Options with No Side Effects.

But not all men can take these pills. Some might have heart problems and they follow nitrate treatments, which stops them from being able to enjoy these pills. Also, hypotensive men can’t take any hard medications for erectile dysfunction.

But if you can’t or just don’t want to take pills for your erectile dysfunction, you have many other treatment options you can try. Let’s take a look at the most common ones.

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are a very popular erectile helper option these days. Basically, this is a half medical device/half sex toy invention that works wonders on the penises of men of all ages. This pump comes with a chamber that’s placed over the penis, and then with the help of a pump, the air is taken out of that chamber, creating a vacuum that will make the blood vessels of the penis to inflate and blood to flood the shaft. A penis ring can be used in combination with this pump, to make sure that the blood stays in the penis for longer.

Testosterone Boosting

One of the main reasons for which men are having problems with their erection is an imbalance in testosterone levels. The reason for this imbalance is usually coming from environmental factors. A diet that’s rich in junk food or too many legumes, a sedentary lifestyle and stressful work or home situation can mess up your body’s natural production of testosterone. But you have many options to help boost the secretion of this hormone. Eating more proteins, carbs and amino acids will give your body the building blocks needed for boosting testosterone levels. Also, high-intensity exercises, such as weight lifting, are also known as natural testosterone boosters.

Psychological Counseling

Erectile dysfunction can be a slippery slope because of a psychological phenomenon known as sexual performance anxiety. If it happens ones, you will be anxious that it will happen again, and because of this self-fulfilling prophecy, it will really happen. Porn can also be the root of such problems. Comparing yourself to the men in porno movies, which are specifically cast to be way bigger than the average, can cause sexual performance anxiety. You can think this through yourself, with a bit of introspection and meditation, or you can talk to a therapist about it. It’s so easy getting over this issue. Also, you should phase out some of your porn consumption. If you don’t want to give up on adult entertainment, just move over to some adult games. MrPornGeek has just published the ultimate list of great porn games of 2020.  

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