Marathi Movies Releasing In March 2019

Marathi Movie Released in March

A lot of Marathi movies releases every week. Whereas, it becomes really tough to keep track of all the movies. Below in this article, you will find the list of Marathi Movies released in March 2019.

Marathi Movies released in March 2019

Dokyala Shot

Marathi movie,  Dokyala Shot is a comedy movie about a man named Abhi. One day while playing cricket Abhi loses his memory. The best part is that Abhi is about to get married to the girl he loved and now everyone’s waiting for his memory to come back. During this, a lot of things happens which is quite funny to watch. Click here for  Dokyala Shot Full Movie Download.


Ashi Hi Ashiqui

Ashi Hi Ashiqui is a Marathi Romantic movie about Swayam and Amraja. The movie is directed by Sachin Pilgaonkar and the movie is about two friends Swayam and Amaraja. Swayam starts getting attracted towards Amarja. One day when he expresses his love, Amarja does not respond as she is going through a lot of issues. This is about how Swayam convinces her to be his better half.  Click here for Ashiqui Full Movie Download.


Perfume is a Marathi movie that has a unique love story. This movie is directed by Karan Tandale, and it is a story about a boy who have a small perfume factory at his home and a girl he meets during college exhibition. Monalisa Bagal and Omkar Dixit are playing the lead role in this movie. The romantic scene takes place when Omkar visits Monalisa’s college to sell his perfume. But later when her uncle gets to know about their love he refuses. Now they are on a journey to fight with everyone and prove their love. Click here for Perfume Full Movie Download.

Chatrapati Shasan

Chatrapati Shasan is a Marathi Drama movie showcasing life if a Politician and a teacher. Both of them follow Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and his principle. The teacher is on a journey to teach everyone about Shivaji Maharaj, whereas the Politician uses Shivaji Maharaj name for his benefit. Moreover, the movie focuses on using Shivaji Maharaj’s inspirational journey for the betterment of mankind. This is really an interesting movie to watch. This movie will soon be available online and to know more about its availability check Chatrapati Shasan Full Movie Download.


Saavat is a 2019 Marathi Movie thriller movie which has directed by Saurabh Sinha. The film exhibits one town where in seven years seven suicides occurred in storm season. Be that as it may, the general population who endeavored suicides has seen somebody who should be there. Click here for Saavat Full Movie Download

Sur Sapata

Sur Sapata is a 2019 Marathi Movie sports comedy-drama film which has directed by Mangesh Kanthale. The film is about young boys who are poor in studies but they have enough skills for playing KABADDI. But, their parents and their teachers are against them. Later, they took this as a challenge and starts their journey. Afterward, the enraged boys went out of the box after facing hardship in their lives. As a result, after their tough time, they participate in Shamro Salvi Inter-school Kabaddi championship. Click here for Sur Sapata Full Movie Download

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