Provide Residential and Commercial Dog Kennels / Doghouses


With increased Pet adoption across the world, the demand for products like Dog Kennels is increasing year over year. This is very much evident from the fact that Dog Kennels has the highest search traffic among all search keywords of Pet related products and services.

For Dog Owners, caring their dogs need hard work and it can very time consuming often. A quality dog kennel can make these Dog Owners job easier and help to provide quality caring and secured environment for their loved dogs. The Dog Kennels come in many shapes and sizes based on location and usage.

As a dealer / merchant you can sell other dog and pet related products like Dog Collars, Leashes, Chains,  Harness,  Training Kits, Boots,  Shoes, Food, Toys, Shampoo, etc.  You can run this business in offline model with physical stores or as an online business listing as a merchant in various E-Commerce Platforms like Amazon.

Kennels can be purchased in bulk quantity or on the custom made basis from various dog kennel manufacturers.


Residential Dog Kennels / Doghouses

Commerical Dog Kennels / Doghouses

Dog Kennels / Doghouses for Dog Boarders

People running dog boarding business needs to provide attractive and comfortable space to keep their client’s dogs for the night. The Kennels shall be easy to clean and less time consuming so that the kennels are available for the new incoming dogs.

Dog Kennels / Doghouses for Dog Groomers

Dog Kennels / Doghouses for Dog Shelters

Dog Kennels / Doghouses for Dog Trainers

Dog Kennels /Doghouses for dog Breeders

Dog Kennels /Doghouses for Vets

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