Qualcomm Partner With Ximmerse To develop Improved Mobile VR Input Solutions

Qualcomm & Ximmerse VR
Source: Qualcomm

Our Smartphone nowadays has become daydream ready, but we are still in the phase to give robust solution for Mobile VR inputs. At MWC 2017 Shanghai, Qualcomm announced their partnership with Ximmerse with an aim to improve Mobile VR input solution. With this Qualcomm is aiming to bring the best mobile VR experience.

Ximmerse will provide Flip controllers with refer to Qualcomm’s design which will be incorporated in its head-mounted display accelerator program (HAP). Similar to Facebook’s Oculus; this new design will bring wide range of motion interaction that contains grabbing, shooting, waving, throwing and many more. This has become possible with the help of Ximmerse 3 DoF (three-degrees-of-freedom) controller.

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Qualcomm VR debut at IFA as a Qualcomm Snapdragon VR820. This new version of VR might have some more addition feature & better visual quality too. Considering the nausea in VR has been a common issue,  but recently Samsung has claimed to release a new VR headset to beat VR nausea & we could consider the new Qualcomm VR might bring the same technology for better experience.

This surely indicates the Qualcomm’s effort towards improving mobile VR industry. Also with the upcoming VR content, it would also be a challenge for Qualcomm to stand to consumers expectation. This might give Samsung & HTC room to analyze Qualcomm VR errors.

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