Robot 2.0 Unknown Facts

Here are some of the Rajini Kanth and Akshay Kumar film Robot 2.0 unknown Facts about the Budget, Makeup Cost, Cost of Fight Sequences, and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Role in 2.0

2.0 Unknown Facts

Akshay Kumar’s Salary for 2.0

An unknown fact about Robot 2.0 is that the superstar actor Akshay Kumar has charged Rs. 2 Cr per day. Which makes a total of whopping 40 Cr for 20 days. The Budget of the movie is more than 540 crore.  Both Rajini Kanth and Akshay Kumar played dual roles in this movie.

Arnold Schwarzenegger for Dr. Richard / Pakshirajan’s role

The most successful Bodybuilder, Hollywood Hero, Terminator and the ex-Governor of the State of California, the Hollywood great Arnold Schwarzenegger needs no introduction. Initially, he agreed to play the Role of Dr. Richard and Pakshirajan. But due to the mismatch in the shooting dates, he could not play the role of Dr. Richard.

2.0 Makeup Artist Paid Rs 5Cr

It is true that a makeup artist earns a lot of money. Sean Foot is the legend behind Akshay Kumar’s crow like-look. Sean was paid 5 Cr for the makeup in the film. The work done by Sean is absolutely outstanding as it gave a realistic feel.

2.0 Fight Scene costs 20 Cr

There is a fight scene in the movie 2.0 in which Rajinikanth (Chitti) and Akshay Kumar (Pakshirajan)  fight. To set up the fight scene, logistics were required and the costs escalated to a whopping 20 Cr. It is also one of the most expensive scenes in the industry’s history.

2.0 Innovative Promotions

Promotions for a film is done in many ways with specialists conducted for particular tasks. For 2.0 the promotions were done in a bit different and innovative way. The posters of Robot 2.0 were seen flying in the sky attached to the hot air balloons. It is a new and efficient way of publicity and looks like its going to become a trend.

Robo 2.0 Production Cost

Talking about the budget, 2.0 is one of the costliest films in the history. According to Wikipedia 2.0 is the ninth-most expensive non-English-language film with a production cost of $75 million.

2.0 is the Most Expensive Indian Film

Cost of 2.0 Production has crossed more than 540 crores, this is the most expensive Indian film yet. The expenses are very heavy in this movie and some of the scenes costed the production in crores.

2.0 is Shot completely in 3D

Robot 2.0 movie was shot completely in 3D to create a great experience for the spectators. To get the feel of this movie the cameraman has taken extra efforts in capturing the scenes.

Askhay Kumar Makeup for 2.0

It took 2- 3 hours for the makeup artist to complete the proceedings. Akshay had to stay in one place for that period of time. Have a look at the efforts taken.

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