Top 10 Kannada Movies of 2018

Below in this Article, Top 10 Kannada Movies of 2018. Kannada movie Industry is growing gradually and it has become well-known in the market. However, there are movies which made a huge success on the box office collection in the year 2018. Here are the 10 Top Kannada movies of 2018 who tasted huge success on the Kannada Box Office Collection. Click here to Download Kannada Movies

Top 10 Kannada Movies of 2018
Top 10 Kannada Movies of 2018

Top Kannada Movies of 2018

1) 2.0

Rajinikant’s has created several records in the Bollywood and other Industry. However,  this is one of the best movies of Rajnikanth and 2.0 is best Sci-Fi movies in Indian Cinema. This movie is about a Nature Scientist (Dr. Richard) who turns into a Villan. This movie has some great Social message on how mobile phones are affecting the environment. 2.0 is produced by Lyca Productions and we see Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar together for the first time. The movie got so hyped and it successfully created a record on the Box Office Collection.

The best part of the movie 2.0 is the acting of superstar Rajnikanth and Akshay Kumar. The VFX of the movie takes the theater experience to the next level. We see how a mysterious power pulls every once smartphone & creating a wave. Later a Scientist suggest calling Chitti back to life, where Dr. Vashikaran creates Chitti’s version 2.0. The movie generated revenue of 750 Cr Worldwide and tasted immense success.

2) KGF

KGF is an action entertaining movie starring Yash as the lead hero. The movie directed by Prashanth Neel and is receiving appreciation by the critics and the fans. KGF is a pure entertainer movie and we would like to appreciate the directors, actors and the whole team of KGF for their hard work. KGF is the costliest film in the history of Sandalwood movie industry. However, the movie also loved by the Bollywood fans and it deserves to come under top 10 movies. The cast and crew have taken a lot of efforts to reach the top level in Box Office Collections and it successfully generated 225 Cr worldwide.

3) The Villain

In 2018 Kannada movie industry gave two big movies and that is KGF and The Villain. Both the movies are a blockbuster. Talking about The Villain, this movie features two big superstars Shiva Rajkumar and Sudeep. Seeing Shiva and Suddep together was really amazing. Being an action thriller you will find a lot of action between Kiccha and Ramappa (Shivaraj).

Apart from Sudeep and Shivaraj we also see Mithun Chakraborty as a police officer who is chasing against these gangsters. This movie has a lot of suspense and action. This movie generated 105Cr of business on the Box Office Collection.

4) Tagaru

Tagaru Shiva (Shivarajkumar), a daring and an educated cop takes on a ruthless criminal, Dolly (Dhananjay) to put a cap on his activities. Both the protagonist and antagonist appear powerful and the proceedings of the revenge drama. This movie contains a lot of action scenes and dramatic scenes which made it worth watching. The movie successfully made a record on the Box Office Collection of  40Cr.

5) Ayogya

The movie Ayogya starts with Sidda (Sathish Neenasam) in his childhood days, deciding to take on gram panchayat president Bacchegowda, who has been elected several times. However, Sidda’s mother wants her son to get married, but finding a girl for him becomes a complex task since Sidda is jobless. She approaches marriage broker Shamanna to search for a girl, but Sidda doesn’t get the right match. And Sidda falls in love with Nandini (Rachita Ram) at first sight. But she is initially hesitated to accept his proposal. The dramatic love story takes a twist when the broker gets to know that Sidda is in a relationship with his own daughter. The movie was a moderate hit on the Big screen and generated a revenue of 30Cr.

6) Raambo 2

Raambo 2 did it well on the screen and the story of the movie is a young man (Sharan), who is not excited about his tedious life, decides to spice it up by setting out for a one-day adventurous trip. He realizes that he would encounter a series of interesting episodes which occur trouble and at the same time, enable him in meeting new people. The movie was hit at the Box Office Collection and generated a revenue of 25Cr.

7) Commando

Commando is a Kannada movie released on 31 Aug 2018. The movie is directed by Siva and featured Ajith Kumar, Vivek Oberoi, Kajal Aggarwal, and Akshara Haasan as lead characters. This movie is a full entertaining movie which contains action scenes. The movie successfully generated the revenue of 21Cr.

8) Ammachi Yemba

The film Ammachi Yemba is set on  a bygone period and revolves around women in different stages of their lives, and how they suffer in the hands of men in a patriarchal society. The dramatic movie has done a moderate hit on the screen. However, it made a revenue of around 17 Cr of business on the Box office Collection.

9) 8MM Bullet

Karthik, a sincere and genuine police sub-inspector, faces a challenge in his life when his gun goes missing. On the other hand is Murthy, the criminal, who has purchased the stolen gun. The movie has a lot of suspense scenes, action, and drama. The movie was average and generated a revenue of 10 Cr.

10) Karshanam

Karshanam is a Kannada movie. The story of this movie is that Shankar lives in a small house in a slum, but his dreams are big. While he is working hard to achieve his dreams, a series of murders take place in the city. The movie has a lot of drama and action scenes. The movie was average hit and generated 10Cr of business.

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