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Vezham Full Movie Download

Vezham aka Velam is a Tamil drama movie, directed by Sandeep Shyam. Ashok Selvan, Janani Iyer, Iswarya Menon in the lead roles Ashok Selvan, Janani Iyer. The movie music composed by Jhanu Chanthar and cinematography by Shakthi Arvind. Vezham is bankrolled by Keseven under his banner K4 Kreations. and Sangili Murugan, Kitty, PL Thenappan, and Shyam Sundar in the supporting roles. The movie released on 24th June 2022. Here get the details about Vezham full movie download.

Vezham Movie Trailer

Vezham is said that the hero undergoes a tragidy and goes in search of the person responsible for it. The hero said to be an innocent youngster who leads a peaceful life with his circle of friends and family in one segment, but becomes a different person after the tragedy.

Movie Story

Elephants have two contrasting sides. They are loyal and loving generally, but when they are attacked they turn ferocious and remember their enemies till their revenge is attained. You can spot all these elements in the character of Ashok. Sandeep adds that the film is not just a murder mystery and it has a lot of layers to it. It is a whodunit and also a relationship drama. I am positive that the impact of the film will be on the audience for at least two or three days. I wrote the script with Ashok on my mind, I didn’t have any other options. But I auditioned both Janani and Iswarya before finalising them. Iswarya has got a lot of untapped potential as a performer, I have tried to utilise it as much as possible in Vezham.

Vezham Full Movie Download

Vezham movie is now entertaining in theatres. If you want to thrilling experience go and watch Vezham movie in nearest theatres. Don’s use illegal sites, it is illegal and a crime also. Nowadays many sites trying to pirate the movies, but we suggest audience Watch Vezham Movie in legal way.

Movie Review

Vezham begins with a series of murders in the Nilgiri Hills. The killing pattern points towards a serial killer on the loose. From there, we randomly move to a romantic song featuring the lead pair, Ashok and Leena, who share lovely moments in the misty hills. On their way back through the woods, they are attacked.  Five years after this horrific incident, Ashok is still reeling in trauma of being the only survivor of the attack. His only purpose in life is to find the killer. But all he remembers is the voice that says, ‘gammunu irundha uyiroda iruppa’.

The film gets proper support in the form of the actors Ashok Selvan, Iswarya Menon and Janani Iyer. Though Janani’s character doesn’t offer much to the script, her performance is praiseworthy. Iswarya Menon displays a lot of maturity in her performance, while Ashok Selvan scores in both – his emotional scenes as well as his physique, with the latter offering credibility to the fight scenes.

The soul of the film lies in the hands of Jhanu Chanthar whose music makes the thriller portions more exciting and the romantic portions delightful. The edit pattern is interesting and it makes the film lifts the film several notches higher. The camera work by Shakthi Arvind is basic and gives the film what it needs, and nothing more.

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