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Businessman Full Movie Download

Businessman is a 2012 Action Movie in the Telugu language made under the direction of Puri JagannadhR. R. Venkat has produced Businessman under the banner: R. R. Movie Makers. When we consider the Casting of this movie, The lead roles are played by Mahesh Babu, Kajal Aggarwal, Prakash Raj, while the supporting cast includes Nassar, Subbaraju, Bharat Reddy. Music is composed by the Music DirectorS. Thaman, while Puri Jagan has provided the screenplay. Below in this article, you can find the details of Businessman Full Movie Download and also the legal platforms to watch Businessman full movie. Also, you can get more details about the cast & crew down below in the article.

Businessman Trailer

R. R. Movie Makers had already released Businessman Trailer on YouTube, which is well received by the Audience. The Trailer has reached more than 320 K views since the video is uploaded on YouTube.

Businessman Cast & Crew


Movie Name:Businessman
Release Date:2012-01-13
Mahesh BabuVijay Surya
Kajal AggarwalChitra Bhardwaj
Prakash RajJaidev Ghanapuleti
NassarAjay Bhardwaj
SubbarajuJai Dev
Bharat ReddyInspector Bharat
Ayesha ShivaAyesha
Movie Director(s):Puri Jagannadh
Movie Producer(s):R. R. Venkat
Production Company:R. R. Movie Makers
Screenplay:Puri Jagan
Music Composer(s):S. Thaman
Budget:Rs.40 Cr
Box Office Collection:Rs.67 Cr

Businessman Full Movie Story 

Mumbai police commissioner Ajay Bhardwaj announces the end of the Mafia in the city. Surya comes to the city with the ambition to become the most powerful don, he lives in Dharavi with his friend. He is introduced to a Politician Laalu who is in trouble and offers him help, he recruits the portion of gangsters who works under Naseer. Surya’s henchmen Shakeel kills the witness of Laalu’s crime and wins Laalu’s friendship. After this Surya promises to Dharavi people he will clear all debts of their, His men rob the original copies of the loan documents in the local branch of Bank of Maharashtra and destroy the bank records. Surya slowly becomes both popular and feared as an extortionist, he knows the Bhardwaj’s intention so, he traps Bhardwaj’s daughter Chitra They both fall in love. However, by the time Surya realizes that he truly loves her, Bhardwaj reveals Chitra Surya’s Character and she starts hating him.

Surya sets up a company named Surya Exports & Imports and begins to set up branch offices for Surya Exports & Imports in all major cities, Surya helps Laalu to become the Mayor of Mumbai by defeating Arun Ghokle, endorsed by Jai Dev. Ghokle reveals Jai Dev’s illegal Crimes to Bhardwaj after that Jai Dev killed Bhardwaj, Surya reveals to Chitra that he was an American born citizen he came to India with his family but the get cheated and killed by Jai Dev. Surya shifts his attention toward the Indian parliament elections and meets the head of the opposition party through Laalu. Surya spends millions on every constituency in India, making Jai Dev unable to contest in the elections by revealing his illegal affairs, Jai Dev kidnaps Chitra and Surya comes and fights with the goons of Jai Dev, Surya gets injured but eventually kills Jai Dev. He proposes Chitra and she accepts his proposal.

Businessman Full Movie Download in Telugu

In case you are looking for Businessman Full Movie Download, you need to explore the following options for watching Businessman before you can jump and to a website which promises you full movie downloads.

  1. Watch Businessman on Subscription Based Online Streaming Platforms such as Google Play Store
  2. Buy Movie Online for ex-Amazon, Google Play, Apple and other Sellers
  3. From Movie Download Websites (Do not do this, it is against Copy Right Law, you can be punished One day, also it amounts to Piracy
  4. Watch in the nearest theaters
  5. Watch on the TV

Where to watch Businessman Full Movie Online?

We have verified that the availability of Businessman Full Movie Download on most of the legal streaming platforms and we are providing the locations where you can watch Businessman Full Movie Download. Here we go, friends…

Availability status as of 29 June 2019

  • Businessman Movie is not available on Hotstar.
  • On Netflix, Businessman Movie is not available
  • Businessman Movie is not available on ZEE5.
  • Businessman Movie is not available on YouTube Movies.
  • On Google Play Store Businessman Movie is not available
  • Businessman Movie is not available on iTunes.
  • Itunes also doesn’t have Businessman Movie available
  • Hooq is another legal streaming website where Businessman Movie is not available
  • VIU is another legal streaming website where Businessman Movie is not available
  • Businessman Movie is not available on ErosNow.
  • Also, on Jiocinema Businessman Movie is not available

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