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Oopiri Full Movie Download

Oopiri is a pure Telugu Comedy and Drama movie directed by Vamsi Paidipally starring Akkineni Nagarjuna, Tamannaah, and Karthi in the lead role. Whereas, the story is about a billionaire entrepreneur and his convict caretaker about their relationship and money. If you want to watch this movie, read below to find the legal way for Oopiri Full Movie Download. During this journey, he meets a lot of new people and becomes a savior for the poor.

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Oopiri Movie Cast & Crew

DirectorVamsi Paidipally
StarringAkkineni Nagarjuna, Tamannaah, and Karthi
ProducerPrasad V Potluri
MusicGopi Sundar
Release date25 March 2016
BudgetRs.45 Cr
Box Office CollectionRs.97 Cr

Oopiri Full Movie Story 

Vikramadhitya is a wealthy businessman who owns a Group of companies. A paragliding accident in Paris leaves him a quadriplegic. For the happiness of his girlfriend Nandini’s, with the help of Prasad who is Vikramadhitya’s legal adviser and friend convey a message that Vikramadhitya is not interested in marrying her. After five years, Vikramadhitya lives a hopeless life with his secretary Keerthi and a few servants. He and Keerthi interview candidates for a caretaker position and Vikramadhitya find Seenu honest and unpretentious hires him. Seenu learns the extent of Vikramadhitya’s disability and assists him with all his needs.  Seenu is attracted to Keerthi but she rejects all his advances quickly and gives him an inferiority complex. Seenu learns that Vikramadhitya has a pure relationship with a woman called Priya, Seenu encourages him to meet her but he refuses in fear of her reaction when she discovers his disability.

Vikramadhitya becomes ill after his birthday celebration and saved by Doctors. When Seenu learns about Vikramadhitya’s past from Prasad he suggests a vacation in Paris, Vikramadhitya agrees and he, Seenu, and Keerthi leave for Paris. Seenu keeps Vikramadhitya happy and boosts his morale which impresses Keerthi, Later gets in trouble with the gang and meet Seenu at Vikramadhitya’s mansion. Vikramadhitya realizes Seenu’s need to support his family, he releases Seenu from his duties and advised him he may not push a wheelchair all his life.  Seenu becomes a cab driver and lives a responsible life and regain his mother’s love, but Vikramadhitya is unhappy with new caretaker and becomes a recluse. Prasad tells this to Seenu who arrives and drives Vikramadhitya off in a car to Visakhapatnam. They dress elegantly and visit a restaurant with a beautiful ocean view.  Seenu leaves moments before Priya arrived, Vikramadhitya watches outside through the window and Sees Seenu who smiles at him and walk away.



Legal Websites To Download Oopiri Full Movie HD

In the current era, you can watch and download movies legally. All thanks to the latest technology that has made this happen. There are several legal streaming websites that all0ws watching movies online for free or paid basis. Whereas, these legal streaming websites will allow Oopiri Full Movie Download after a few months of its release in Theater. Whereas, these legal streaming websites have either of the three services.

  • Pay Per Move- There are several websites that help you to pay for the movies you want. This website comes in two different services. First, you can buy the movie you want to watch and  2nd rent the movie for cheap. Find Below websites from where you can watch Oopiri Full movie online.
    • iTunes
    • YouTube
    • Vudu
  • Watch Free Movie- There are also websites that allow you to watch movies for free. But, be aware that you will have to wait for longer time for the latest release movie. Below is the free movie streaming websites from where you can watch Oopiri Full Movie.
    • JioCinema
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    • HotStar
  • Monthly Subscription- This is one of the best services to watch recent movies. Few months after the movie is released, you can watch it on these websites. If you are a regular viewer, then this is the most suitable options.  Below are the websites that you can check for Oopiri Full Movie.
    • Amazon Prime Videos
    • Zee 5
    • Netflix

Platforms to Watch Oopiri Full Movie Online?

  • We have gone through many legal streaming platforms. Out of which only Google Play Store has Oopiri Full Movie Online.

Indian Copyright Law

As per Indian Copyright law, it is a crime to download movies from any illegal websites. Not only that, but it also comes under a punishable act with a find of up to 10 lakhs INR (Source: MoneyControl).  caught downloading movies from Illegal Websites. Websites like MovieRulz, Tamilrockers, Bolly4U, and more allows Oopiri Full Movie Download Illegally.

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