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Katamarayudu Full Movie Download

Katamarayudu is a 2017 Action Masala Movie in the Telugu Movie language made under the direction of Kishore Kumar PardasaniSharath Marar has produced Katamarayudu under the banner: North Star Entertainment. When we consider the Casting of this movie, The lead roles are played by Pawan Kalyan, Shruti Hassan, and Tarun Arora, while the supporting cast includes Siva Balaji, Ali, Ajay. Music is composed by the Music Director Anup Reubens, while Vasu Varma and Deepak Raj have provided the screenplay. Also, you can get more details about the cast & crew down below in the article.

Katamarayudu Trailer

North Star Entertainment had already released Katamarayudu Trailer on YouTube, which is well received by the audience. The Trailer has reached more than 8 million views since the video is uploaded on YouTube.

Katamarayudu Cast & Crew

Movie Name:Katamarayudu
Release Date:2017-03-24
Pawan KalyanKattula Katamarayudu
Shruti HassanAvantika
Tarun AroraYelasari Bhanu
Siva BalajiSivarayudu
AliKattula Lingarayudu
AjayKattula Kondarayudu
Kamal KamarajuKonda Babu
Movie Director(s):Kishore Kumar Pardasani
Movie Producer(s):Sharath Marar
Production Company:North Star Entertainment
Screenplay:Vasu Varma and Deepak Raj
Music Composer(s):Anup Rubens

Katamarayudu Full Movie Story 

Kattula Katamarayudu is a brave person lives in the village Oddaanchatram, he lives with his Four brothers, kattula Katamarayudu loves his younger brothers to the core and sacrifices his happiness for their good. Katamarayudu hates the idea of marriage because he thinks wife may create the disharmony between brothers, Though the four younger brothers say that they don’t want to either fall in love or get married. When Kattula Kaamarayudu is not around they all have their secret lovers, now in order to get a green light for their love stories, they plan to make Kattula Katamarayudu fall for a girl named Avantika. Though initially reluctant later Kattula Katamarayudu himself falls in love with her. While traveling on a train with Avantika to her village, she narrates her family background that his father Bhupathi is a respected man in the village who hates the Violence. Few goons attacked at them but Katamarayudu bashed them, Avantika gets shocked to see Kattula Katamarayudu whom she thought as a non-violent person.

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Kattula Katamarayudu arrives at Avantika’s Village with brothers, He says that he has changed and he would never violence. He and his brothers are welcomed by her family, Bhupathi becomes impressed with their love, affection, and hospitality. Later Kattula Katamarayudu comes to know that an illegal Goon is trying to kill Avantika’s family, Yelasari Bhanu thinks because of Bhupathi his father commits Suicide and swears to avenge it. Kattula Katamarayudu finishes all the goons and solves all their problems without the knowledge of Bhupathi and his family. Bhupati orders Kattula Katamarayudu to go out of the town when Bhupathi finds the sickle under his jeep. Bhupathi and his family who arrives at the place come to know about the risk taken by Kattula Katamarayudu to save him from the mess, Kattula Katamarayudu has been brutally attacked but he steadily rises and kills Yelasari Bhanu and his henchmen. The film ends with the marriage of Kattula Katamarayudu and his brothers.

Katamarayudu Full Movie Download in Telugu

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Where to watch Katamarayudu Full Movie Online?

We have verified that the availability of Katamarayudu Full Movie Download on most of the legal streaming platforms and we are providing the locations where you can watch Katamarayudu Full Movie Download. Here we go, friends…

Availability status as of 29 June 2019

Currently, Katamarayudu Full Movie is available on SonyLiv and MXPlayer in the Hindi language

Katamarayudu Full Movie Status:

Streaming PlatformAvailability
Amazon Prime VideoNo
YouTube MoviesNo
Google Play StoreNo

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