Will Facebook Have A Paid Version In Future?

Mark Zuckerberg
Image Source: wired

As we all know that Facebook is a free platform, where people can share their interests & moments with anyone and everyone they want to, but according to the recent statement from Mark Zuckerberg, it seems that Facebook can have a Paid version for those who want to have their data secured.

Mark Zuckerberg’s statement at the Congress hearing said “There will always be a free version of Facebook” which clearly gives a hint that there might be some possibility to have a paid version of Facebook for those who want to keep their data safe.

If there will be a paid version of Facebook, then it is sure that those accounts will also have some privilege over the free version. At the Congress hearing, it got cleared that these paid accounts will be advertisement-free & will also have access to keep their data private with any 3rd part apps.

There is no official confirmation from Facebook yet, but it is too obvious that they will definitely add this new feature in the coming future. We are yet to see a lot of new features and improvements on Facebook for security reasons.

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