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Telugu actor-director Vishwak Sen’s upcoming film Das Ka Dhamki is written by Prasanna Kumar Bezawada and produced by Vishwak’s father, Karate Raju, under the banner Vanmaye Creations. The film stars Nivetha Pethuraj as its female lead, It also features Hyper Aadi, Rangasthalam Mahesh, Rao Ramesh and Rohini in prominent roles. The technical team of Das Ka Dhamki consist of Leon James as the music composer, with Dinesh K Babu and Anwar Ali providing cinematography and editing for the film respectively. The movie released on 22nd March 2023. Here get the details about Das Ka Dhamki full movie download.

Das Ka Dhamki Movie Trailer

The trailer suggests that Nivetha Pethuraj will provide some situational comedy, with her character indulging in cheesy humor. Rao Ramesh’s character is portrayed as having a hidden agenda. The trailer begins with Vishwak Sen as a pharma company head named Sanjay Rudra making an announcement about his invention. He reveals his aim of seeing a world of no cancer. Unfortunately, he passes away in a tragic road accident. On the other hand, there is a waiter working at a hotel who looks like the pharma chief. The waiter who dreams to become rich gets the opportunity to come in place of Sanjay.

Movie Story

Krishna Das (Vishwaksen) is a waiter in a luxury hotel who aims to make it big in life. One day he meets Keerthi (Nivetha Pethuraj) and falls for her instantly. He conceals the fact about his profession and makes Keerthi believe that he is affluent. On the other hand, there is Dr. Sanjay Rudra (Vishwaksen), the lookalike of Krishna Das, who is the CEO of SR Pharma Pvt. Ltd. Sanjay wishes to see a cancer-free world and invents a miracle drug. While Sanjay Rudra is about to introduce his drug into the market, he dies in an accident. Meanwhile, Keerthi gets to know the truth about Krishna Das, and he loses his job afterwards. To save the Pharma company, Sanjay’s uncle (Rao Ramesh) brings Krishna Das in place of Sanjay. What happens later? How did it change Krishna’s life? The movie has the answers.

Das Ka Dhamki Full Movie Download

Vishwak Sen’s directional movie Das Ka Dhamki is now entertaining in theatres. We all know about the previous direction debut of Vishwak’s Falaknama Das movie. That movie creates sensation response from mass audience. Now the turn of Das Ka Dhamki, The movie entertains with all elements, then why late go and watch Das Ka Dhamki movie in your nearest theatres.

Movie Review

Vishwak Sen’s attempt at action feels forced, with not much variation. It depends mostly on one-upmanship achieved through predictable scenes. Nivetha Pethuraj oozes glamour in this otherwise routine character. Hyper Aadi and Mahesh deliver the goods. Tharun Bhasker appears in another forgettable cameo.

Vishwak Sen effortlessly slips into Das’ role. He plays to his strengths and sticks to his trademark humour that engages occasionally along with his friends Aadi and Mahesh. Nivetha Pethuraj oozes her glamour on screen and is good for songs. Her role is not complete. While she dominates in the first half, her role loses significance in the crucial second-half. She remains a muse to the protagonist. Rao Ramesh’s character is stereotyped and has nothing much to offer. The greedy and emotionless family of Sanjay is irritating, especially Prithvi and Rajitha. They are just fillers. Rohini as a paralysed mom is alright and delivers what is expected from her.

It’s appreciable that most principal characters aren’t stark black or white. Ideally, their shades of grey can help to add a lot of intrigue to the story. Vishwak gets ample bandwidth to showcase his acting prowess and showcase a range of emotions as the twists and turns keep happening at regular intervals. He goes from being an underdog to a scheming businessman swiftly. But all this becomes an overdose like an indulgent showreel. The discourse about cancer cure crops up whenever the story deems it convenient. Rohini is wasted in an insignificant part.

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