Lenovo Z5 First Camera Samples Leaked Out

Lenovo will be launching their 2018 flagship smartphone soon, which will be known as the Lenovo Z5. Till now we knew that it’ll spot a near bezel-less Display & maybe upto 4TB Internal Storage which is insane.

Now, a couple of Camera samples have been leaked out which mainly focuses on the low-light performance of the Lenovo Z5.

The low-light performance on this camera actually seems to be very good with a lots of detail & comparatively less noise. Though, we should not go way too much into evaluation yet.

The samples also reveal that the Lenovo Z5 has a Dual Rear Camera setup which integrates AI into the software. So, it should be capable of some AI Scene Detection features.

The Lenovo Z5 is expected to be powered by the Snapdragon 845 with 8GB RAM & upto 4TB of Internal Storage. After staying silent since the Lenovo Z2 Pro came out in 2016, Lenovo is making a comeback for the Z-series with the Lenovo Z5. Will they be able to regain their lost reputation in the smartphone industry ? Well, we think it depends pretty much on the pricing of the device & how good the user experience really turns out. The Z5 is expected to launch soon in China. Though, there is still no confirmation on it’s availability outside China.

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